Department of Hospitality Management

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Basing on Yu Da University’s core value - ethic, innovation, quality, and effectiveness and complying to Taiwan and Miao Li County government’s policies on accelerating the development of hospitality industry, the Department of Hospitality strives to cultivate our students to become the professionals and middle management in the hospitality industry.
Since Yu Da University is located at Miao Li County with abundant Haka and aboriginal culture resources and agricultural and other natural resources, the Department of Hospitality is to make best use of the surrounding cultural and natural resources in our curriculum and researches in order to help further developing the local hospitality industry.

The Department of Hospitality, the first and sole Hospitality Department in Miao Li County, was established in year 2011 with 4-year Bachelor degree for full time students and students of continuous study.

Our short-term, mid-term and long-term objectives are as follows. 

  • Short-term Objective
    To cultivate students with professional knowledge and practical skills, communication skills, positive altitude, and the core competencies required at work.
  • Mid-term Objective
    To equip students with foreign languages proficiencies and a global view desired by the hospitality industry.
    To strengthen our faculty members’ research capability.
  • Long-term Objective
    To develop students’ entrepreneur spirit and management capability needed by the hospitality industry.
    To become the hospitality professional knowledge and skill development center of central Taiwan.