Department of Hospitality Management

Ching-Lin Chen
Name Ching-Lin Chen
Job Title Assistant Professor Equivalent
Office Tel No. 037-651188 分機6345
Education Tourism ane Recreation Undergraduate Program, Cheng Shiu University.
experience Teach school Experience: Assistant Professor Equivalent .Taiwan Hospitality & Tourism College Assistant Professor Equivalent .National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism Assistant Professor Equivalent .WuFeng University Certificate: The R.O.C. third grade technological persons of Western Cooking The R.O.C. third grade technological persons of Chinese food Cooking HACCP60A AH&LA CHDT City &Guildse International Award in Barista Skills International Etiquette Reception Personnel Certified MEET Professional Examination Hotel & Restaurant Service appraise Awards Record: Oriental Snacks -style of culinary Art (gold medal) 2005 The 2 nd Western-style of culinary Art Festival channel (gold medal) 2007 To meet Olympic Olympiad of culinary Art Festival to International, Personal and Team. (gold medal) 2008 The Cordon bleu of culinary Art Festival (Mikuriya surname) 2008 Discipline to go through: 「伍角船板」Taiwan Gourmet Restaurant General Manager Chief VEG Restaurant Group Chief Executive Officer State Banquet Chef 2004 Executive Chef, Farglory Hotel& Farglory Ocean Park Man Kitchen Chef ,Ta Shee Resort Western Kitchen Assistant Chef, Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei Chefs de partie, Magnolia Hotel Monograph: 台灣100名廚 ISBN978-9866334-51-1 花蓮丹參當歸保健創意料理 ISBN986-01-4172-6 國際廚藝套餐食譜 ISBN978-957-283765-8 美味總舖師 ISBN 957-495-191-X 鮭魚創意料理食譜
Research Expertise Western Cooking, Oriental Snacks, vegetable foods Cooking, Banquet Management and Practice, Cook to Cultivate, Originality Meal Cooking, Food &Beverage Safety and Hygiene, Menu Design, kitchen Facilities Plan, Food Costing Control and analyze.