Department of Hospitality Management

Chia-Yang Huang
Name Chia-Yang Huang
Job Title Assistant Professor Equivalent
Office Tel No. 037-651188 分機6343
Education Chaoyang University of Technology
experience Experience: 1996~1999 Former TTV Fu Pei cooking class,Wu chau,Wei Chuan Chinese and foreign,pond Farmers, Farmers Chichi cooking instructor 1999~2001 Riverview Hotel Sous Chef Total Chef Sea King Restaurant Chef GUIDU international cuisine tube 2002 Taichung City won the first exemplary chef Finishing International Studies Association executive director Member of the Institute of Chinese cuisine exchanges 2003 Tourism Association to participate in tours to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malaysia, and Hong Kong Top Four tour ROAD Show organized to promote Taiwanese cuisine Meritus Mandarin Singapore, awarded honorary certificates Carrefour New Year's feast endorsement province 2005 Taipei, Taichung Five Dime Executive Chef 2007 The first session of the Taipei main kitchen fry championship tournament Lake Chun cards Cup gold medal 2007 Taipei International Beef Noodle Festival creative second 2008 2008 Beijing Olympics National Food Industry Skills Competition Special Gold 2008 published a book "chef's signature dish", " cooker King" 2010 Domestic tournament winning Chinese Culinary Exhibition Yuda High School - Chinese technical instructor Zhishan Junior High School - Chinese lecturer Chi-Ying Senior High School - Chinese lecturer Puli, Nantou beauty leg excerpt teacher assessment 2011 China University of Science and technology Assistant Professor CEO International Certification Center BIM through customer service management division CSIM Service audit management division
Research Expertise Chinese Cuisine cookery